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You Deserve Pancakes With A Giant Pile Of Whipped Cream This Weekend

When in doubt, go for the pancakes at Japanese-Hawaiian brunch spot, Eggs 'n Things.

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You Deserve Pancakes With A Giant Pile Of Whipped Cream This Weekend
This pretty number is very Insta-worthy, but only if you work fast. Our fresh, whipped-to-order cream tower atop the pancakes melted and toppled faster than we can say, “food porn”. But it does taste better than the artificially stiff, sprayed-on stuff. We also like the soft, fluffy pancakes dusted with icing sugar that goes well with the cream (too bad the strawberries were too sour). Do help yourself to the complimentary trio of additional sauces on the table: a very addictive guava sauce, a pleasantly lemak sweet coconut sauce and the standard maple syrup for pancakes.

Cheery Japanese-Hawaiian casual diner Eggs 'n Things has three outlets in its native Hawaii (where its Japanese owners first opened the flagship outlet in 1974) and 19 branches in Japan, where the Harajuku branch regularly attracts long queues. As its name implies, the menu here offers six main categories of egg-centric dishes in all incarnations — via pancakes and salads, and as a sunny side up on hamburgers. The head chef here is local, but trained at the shop’s Japanese outlet in Odaiba, Tokyo.

The homely, kid-friendly open-concept 86-seater formerly housed pizza joint Skinny Pizza. It also faces lingerie store La Senza, so certain tables offer an eyeful of, er, bras as you dine. We like that the staff here refer to themselves as “ohana” (which means family in Hawaiian) and are dressed in adorable Aloha shirts and cheerful floral smocks. There are also lots of Japanese expat tai tais gossiping over pancakes while their babies snooze in prams.

Swipe through the photos above for our review of the food here.

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