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Ella Chen announces pregnancy

“I’m so happy, so happy, so happy!”

Ella Chen announces pregnancy

After weeks of speculation by the media and vague responses to pregnancy rumours, S.H.E member Ella Chen have finally announced the good news on her Facebook page.

She exclaimed: “With such a personality that can’t hide anything, I had a really hard time keeping this in! We wanted to wait until the time was right and when everything was stable before sharing this with everyone. It is time now! I want to tell everyone: I am pregnant”.

After marrying Malaysian businessman, Alvin Lai, in 2012, the couple have been trying for a child and have joked about how their pet dog, Pudding was an obstacle. It was said that Ella specially cleared her schedule this year for baby-making and it has since proven to be successful.

Alvin also shared the joy in spreading the good news, “Yes! [We] can finally say it! It’s our turn! We are going to be parents! The pictures shows all that we are feeling!”.

Fellow S.H.E member, Selina Jen, also posted: “I am going to cry! I want to tell everyone too! I am going to be an aunt!”

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