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Dee Hsu involved in a road accident

The Taiwanese television host had fallen off a motorcycle while she was out on an outing with her husband

Dee Hsu involved in a road accident
rumours of being domestically abused by her husband, Taiwanese television host Dee Hsu made the headlines again after she had accidentally injured herself by falling off a bicycle on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the 36-year-old personally recounted the entire process of her mishap on her Facebook account and apologised to her fans that she needed to take time off her talk show to recuperate.

She explained, “I happily rode on the bicycle with my husband and our friends yesterday. However, I misgauged the speed while we rode downhill, flew off my seat and landed on the ground face flat. We immediately called for an ambulance but I was petrified and in immense pain then.”

Dee also went on to thank her friends and family for their concern, expressing her gratitude towards her older sister Barbie Hsu for replacing her on her talk show and her husband Mike Hsu for his care.

However, this incident had once again reminded netizens of Mike’s alleged abuse towards Dee. Barbie, who stepped out to deny the rumours on behalf of her sister last week, also published an article yesterday to clarify the new issue.

“I will be replacing Dee on Here Comes Kangxi tomorrow and I am really nervous. You (Dee) really love to fall down! But as long as you are fine, I will always be your support!”“My brother-in-law (Mike) is really unfortunate. There isn’t domestic violence but there are only family hugs (which sounds similar to domestic violence in Mandarin). You should go pray to the Gods,” she jested.Netizens also praised the close relationship between the sisters, with some commenting, “It’s so good to have an older sister” and “Barbie and Dee are very close sisters, I can’t wait to see Barbie on the show”.

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