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Chin Ka Lok, Angela Tong welcome second daughter

Speedy delivery took 45 minutes; 6-lb baby’s Chinese name not yet chosen

Chin Ka Lok, Angela Tong welcome second daughter

Hong Kong actor and stuntman Chin Ka Lok announced the arrival of his second daughter, named Kassidy, while at a Hong Kong Stuntman Association event on Wednesday.

Ka Lok said he was woken up by his wife, actress Angela Tong, and the pair sped to hospital. He stayed by his wife’s side in the delivery room and got to cut the cord. “From getting out of bed to the end of delivery it took us only 1 hour 17 minutes, and we were in the delivery room for only about 45 minutes,” he said.

Angela gave birth to a 6-lb Kassidy naturally. The couple’s eldest, Alyssa, is 2.

Asked which parent the new addition resembled, Ka Lok said, “Me, of course! But mummy said if this daughter doesn’t look like her she’ll be upset. So I’ll say the younger sister looks like the older one!”

On why his daughter was named Kassidy, Ka Lok said it was due to his less than outstanding command of English, and that the newborn’s Chinese name was still not chosen and may be left to Ka Lok’s father to decide. “We’ll see if we continue using ‘Kai’ as the first character,” the actor said. Alyssa’s Chinese name features ‘Kai’ as its first character.

Ka Lok added he hadn’t thought about what to reward his wife with, and joked that all his possessions are listed under her name. “I’m thankful to my wife for these two valuable presents, and I will treasure these three women!”

Whether the couple will try for another child is up to Angela, Ka Lok said. “I’d like to take a break, because if you count our helper, there are now four women in my household!”

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