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Barbie Hsu fainted during labour

The actress was reported to have suffered an epileptic fit due to an overdose of anaesthesia

Barbie Hsu fainted during labour

Barbie Hsu gave birth to her son on Saturday night, with her husband, businessman Wang Xiaofei announcing that he will be temporarily staying in the hospital with the actress-host.

Barbie’s mother-in-law also posted on Weibo announcing the birth: “[We’ve] formed the word “good” (a Chinese character that is formed when one has a boy and a girl) so from now on, good luck will come pouring in for us.”

Xiaofei also posted a picture of his son’s footprints to his friend group on Weibo, celebrating their family’s newest arrival.

Amidst the good news, there are rumours that Barbie suffered an epileptic fit while giving birth, and was admitted to the ICU (intensive care unit) as a result.

Industry insiders revealed that when the 39-year-old was in labour, she was given an excessive dose of anesthesia, causing her epilepsy to flare up. It was also reported that Barbie was then warded in the ICU, shocking the public, and worrying fans.

With the reports spreading like wildfire, Barbie’s mother stepped up to clarify matters. She stated that the dosage of the anesthesia was predetermined and that Barbie did not receive an excessive dose of it. Barbie’s mother also revealed that the real reason Barbie fainted was because of the pain from her contractions, which caused her epilepsy to flare up. While the actress-host was warded in the ICU for a period of time, she is currently awake, and has been transferred to the normal ward.

Barbie’s younger sister, host Dee Hsu also reported on Barbie’s condition, saying, “Barbie fainted for a while because the pain from her contractions were too painful, [but] she’s much better today! When I went to see her last night, she even asked me for lip balm and a mirror.”

Barbie married Wang Xiaofei in 2011, and gave birth to their daughter, Wang Xiyue (Xiao Yue’er) in 2014.

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