Jasmine Sim is poetry in motion in the photo studio. The 26-year-old model-turned-actress and Best Newcomer at this year's Star Awards is working nine black dresses like a pro. Because she is a pro. She modeled extensively for Love, Bonito, among many others, and 8days.sg saw her in action at one of these shoots, where we witnessed what we call her "OOTD dance". Basically, she moves non-stop from one pose to another in a fluid way, instead of posing and stopping, then posing again. It all ends up looking like a fascinating dance with slight turns of the body, and slight movements of limb and clothes. "For me, it feels more natural to keep moving,” she tells us. 

Today, she's in our studio making nine dresses designed by Raffles Design Institute (Singapore) fashion students look like a million bucks (but don't worry, they're actually a very affordable $59 to $79. The initiative is a cool support-local collab between Raffles Design Institute (Singapore) and Metro, where students were challenged to create a classic LBD (Little Black Dress), albeit with their own little interesting twists and turns. You can pre-order your fave pieces from the Raffles Design Institute x Metro - Little Black Dress collection here. After the pre-order period, the price of the dresses will go up slightly (from $59 to $79, and from $79 to $109). You can also check out the dresses in store at Metro Paragon from July 25.

As you can see from our pics, there are myriad ways to style up or style down an LBD, and after that, there are even more ways to pose up a storm and snap an #OOTD or 10. We offer 18 pics with 18 ideas courtesy of No. 1 poser Jasmine Sim, and 18 tips on how to be an #OOTD queen like Jas.

You and your Instagram feed can thank us later. Cheers!

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